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Our homepage scans through some popular products and services we offer at HRP. For details on Quad Cam Clutch you can download the Service Manual or for our complete Catalog of products click on the page images listed below


The Original and still the best billet clutch available. Check our catalog for the latest NEW features.

DYNO Services

HRP can test your engines in or out of the machine on our Land & Sea Dyno. Graphed runs allow fast comparison of power curve, fuel system and exhaust changes. Engine dynoing insures the engine runs correctly before in chassis testing.

Snowmobile Chassis Dyno

Chassis dyno tuning allows tuner to quickly make test runs and analize the machines performance. Dyno and sled are on wheels which allows us to run the sled outside then roll it inside for adjustments. Clutch and fuel system tuning are easily within 5% of final settings which means much less test and tune time outside. Also this is a great tool for diagnosing a problem sled since dyno exactly simulates driving machine on snow, ice or asphalt at steady speeds or acceleration runs. Distance and time will be measured exactly same as sled runs on the ground, no 3 second full run here.

Engine Restoring/Rebuilding

HRP can restore your current or vintage engine back to like new appearance including replating all original hardware. Then rebuild like new inside depending on your needs. Before/After pictures on left. Note the heavy corrosion before cleaning, this was from heavy salt damage in snowmobile. Same engine after looks like new.

SCCA F500/F600 Engine, Exhaust and Clutch packages

HRP has been building engines and related parts for this class since 1984. HRP power system products have been on over half of the runoffs winners cars since this class started and we are directly involved with a championship contender today. Look for more F600 engine information coming soon.

Service Manual

Product Catalog

Our complete instruction and service manual can be viewed in the attached PDF file which details all special features, parts list, accessories, application chart, BLACK ICE helix list, tuning parts and product use instructions with pictures.

Our catalog is now available in PDF format which you can download to your desktop or print out as you like.

HRP Motorsports, Inc.

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